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Columbine Survival Bracelet

Bracelet. 8”x6”x3”. Sterling Silver, Mokume Gane.
Cast and fabricated elements. 2004.
This object resulted from the insane actions of two high school students who terrorized their school with violence, killing many and psychologically wounding many more for the remainder of their lives. After watching “Bowling for Columbine” and hearing what an interviewed NRA representative said suggesting that if everyone had been “armed” that day, that the outcome would have been very different, the idea for the bracelet was born. His statement struck me as even more insane than the act. I created a bracelet that could be worn to any school in the event a similar episode occurred so students would be prepared to fashionably endure the onslaught and retaliate in like manner.
Columbine Survival Bracelet Columbine Survival Bracelet
Columbine Survival Bracelet Columbine Survival Bracelet