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Candlesticks Airport Terror Ring Columbine Survival Bracelet Lockerbie Flight Bracelet Green Line Sedan Reliquiario Third World Civilian Ring Cavatappi Dei Saracino War Trophy It’s Friday Night and Roberto is Hot
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Portfolio of Metalwork

Here are selections of my work. Each piece deals with a reference of some event that has kept me busy for the past few decades. Because I react to events which both shape my own personal life (Reliquaries) or the lives of others via some ill-advised and skewed event (Columbine) all have resulted from the manner to which these events challenged my thought process and how I was able to work my way through the effects the events had on my life and gave my “voice” a chance to comment as an object maker.
Here the range is apparent. I’m not sure I’ll ever need to fear a lack of reference, as mankind seems incapable of sound logic on so many fronts that I will be...
Cavatappi dei Saracino
Cavatappi dei Saracino
Cavatappi dei Saracino for Memory Stick
Cavatappi dei Saracino for Memory Stick
Cavatappi dei Saracino for Memory Stick
fed non-stop till the day I pass. The candlesticks and Relaquary are really nothing more than my take or “covers” on objects that I witnessed by the hundreds while on a two year stay in Italy while I ran an overseas program for the college I work at, Buffalo State.