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My work embraces a wide-range of subject matter and is narrative in disposition. My ideation extends from personal responses to my own political views, esoteric subject matter, and to areas relating to cultural iconography from the countries where I have lived or visited while pursuing my career in studio metalsmithing and Education.
Not one to be prolific, the body of work I have produced often times takes me years to design and fabricate. For better or worse I have tried to keep a jewelry or metalsmithing idiom as a root for the objects. However, for all intent and purpose, they have evolved beyond owning even a vestige utilitarian function. Bracelets, or rings that could be, probably canít be, and in fact never should be worn.
I try not to confine myself to any one issue and like to move freely between scale related to jewelry (i.e. bracelets, rings) and one that includes larger objects like reliquaries, candlesticks, or on occasion, large non-objective volumetric forms.

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